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The Art of Ritchie Eyma

September 13th, 2021

The Art of Ritchie Eyma

As a child I enjoyed watching my uncle draw. He drew sketches of birds, donkeys, and horses. To see him at work was very captivating. But I believe what was even more awesome to me was that he was creating something. To this day, this is what compels me to paint. I derive great satisfaction from being able to create an image, a scene, a figure, an illusion of reality using mere paint and brushes. The subject matters little; the creative process becomes everything.

I started out using acrylic paint but, over the years I discovered that oil is so versatile and forgiving. And then I was able to build up such texture on the canvas using oil; all that won me over. I like to see every brushstroke in my work so I use bristle brushes and very little medium. My favorite color is now orange; I find myself drawn to its warmth and radiance.

Usually I begin a piece by staining the canvas with a light coat of red using turpentine. Next I block in large areas using the complementary color of the object or scene I want to paint. Then I draw in the scene, object or figure, using burnt sienna and cerulean blue. I continue to add layers, building the texture, working from dark to light until I achieve the desired result.

My current work is bright and bold; I am discovering how powerful color can be. Each time a painting develops and takes on a life of its own, I am filled with a sense of exhilaration. As I continue to create art, I draw much inspiration from the Creator, the most neglected artist of all time.